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Firebird Documentation Index → Firebird 1.5 Language Ref. Update → DDL statements → CREATE INDEX CREATE INDEX UNIQUE indices now allow NULLs Maximum number of indices per table increased Available in. Firebird Create Index The Firebird Create Index Tool allows users to visually create indexes. The Create Index Tool allows users to select a table on which to create an index and then specify the uniqueness of the index as well as the.

Firebird Documentation Index → Firebird 1.5 Language Ref. Update → DDL statements → CREATE TABLE CREATE TABLE Context variables as column defaults FOREIGN KEY without target column references PK UNIQUE s. The CREATE INDEX statement creates an index on one or more columns of a table. A single -column index searches only one column in response to a query, whereas a multi-column index searches one or more columns. This is the. ALTER INDEX indexName ACTIVE; Please note that it does not work for indices automatically created by the system like the ones for primary key or foreign key. You might want to drop and recreate the constraints in such case. 2014/11/17 · Firebird indexes - create and use Ask Question Asked 5 years ago Viewed 305 times 0 For an existing table in our database, if I create an index on a table such as: create index i_system_code_system_type_no on system. I've serach the many websites about firebird, but couldn't find an answer to my question. I'm using for creating a table in firebird. And I want to create an index for one of the fields w.

FrontPageへ リファレンスガイドへ Firebird SQLリファレンスへ Firebird SQL リファレンス:CREATE VIEW, DROP VIEW, CREATE GENERATOR, DROP GENERATOR, SET GENERETOR, CREATE SHADOW, DROP. Introduction The Firebird SQL Reference Guide contains an alphabetical index of all keywords and built-in-functions available in a Firebird database. Note that not all terms are available everywhere. At the start of every entry there is an. CREATE UNIQUE INDEX "IDX1" ON "INSHOKU""SHOP_CODE" ASC IN DBIDX001 PCTFREE = 50 (例2) 飲食店表(INSHOKU)に次に示す条件で複数列インデクスを定義します。 飲食店表の店舗コード(SHOP_CODE)列と. 一般的に、インデックスを作りすぎるとINSERTやUPDATEのパフォーマンスに影響を与えるため、よろしくないとされている。今回は実際にはどういう現象を発生させるのか、を見てみる。 やること 100列のテーブルを作り、INSERTとUPDATEの.

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