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Tier10 ソ連 重戦車 略称:Obj. 705A / 日本語表記:オブイェークト 705A 長砲身・大口径の152 mm M-51が怪物的な力強さを放っている。 Object 705から砲塔の形状がやや改良され、砲塔後部に外付けの機銃が装備された。. A version of the Object 705 heavy tank with a 152 mm gun and an upgraded engine. All work on the project was discontinued in 1948. Menu Home News.

Obj. 705 Object 705 Statistics for the Obj. 705, Tier IX, Heavy, USSR, calculated at 11/11/2019 Data is computed every week, using the battles of the clan's members that this site tracks. This is. One of the first versions of the Object 705 heavy tank. The vehicle was developed by the Design Bureau of the Chelyabinsk Kirov Plant. Existed only in blueprints. Menu Home. 2019/04/21 · 【WoT】ユニカム目指した旅路:Part 20 Obj 705【完】 [実況プレイ動画] ドーモ、魅綺ですPR10000を目指して、適当に撮れた試合を動画にしていきます。 今回使用する車輛はソ. 2018/01/30 · Urban Crusher: Meet the Object 705A Discuss on Forum Few top-tier vehicles among the Soviet lineup feel all that different to play in the big picture. Update 9.22 will fix that with a heavy-armored close-range fighter, which can.

I mean there is the E-100 in the game and it’s not OP at all, it hurts but the armor is negated by gold, the gun is negated by accuracy, the alpha is balanced by the long reload. This tank might have better armor than the E100 but all. 2014/11/08 · Obj 705 and 705A armor - posted in Heavy Tanks: In my opinion, the new Soviet branch of rear-mounted heavies needs a buff, to be precise an armor buff. This especially applies to tiers 9 and 10. A couple of words about the IS-M: I. I already have the IS7 in my garage but since the wz 111 5a is live i never touched it again. The gun on the IS7 in combination with my lack in praying to RNGsus left me with the worst gameing experience in my time playing WoT. 2011/09/23 · Obj. 705 A - posted in Schwere Panzer: Da noch kein Thema zu finden ist, will ich mal mit dem Heul-Programm beginnen: Eigentlich ein mir sogar optisch gut gefallender Panzer und bei angegebenen dem Alpha-Schaden fängt man. Tier9 ソ連 重戦車 略称:Obj. 705 ↑ Object 705-91122 mm D-25BM 初期状態。車体に対して砲塔・主砲がどちらも頼りない。 ↑ Object 705122 mm BL-13-1 A こちらが計画されたObject 705の史実装備。 砲塔の形状はIS-3とIS-7の中間.

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